Training for Trainers Workshop II

The second project Training for trainers workshop was held in Amman on 7, 8 April in order to introduce Jordanian Researchers to the Horizon 2020 framework programme opportunities.

Drawing on expertise from Spanish and Austrian institutions as well as the host institution (NCRD), the workshop hosted 5 experts from the EU and 24 experts from Jordan.

The themes addressed during the event  were:

• General opportunities in Energy Research in H2020
• Opportunities in Energy Efficiency
• Opportunities in PV and Solar Thermal

The second part of the workshop was divided into a clinic session and a working session exercise. In the clinic session, EU experts advised Jordanian researchers on their research proposals. The latter were
asked ahead of the workshop to prepare and bring their proposals. In the working session, Jordanian researchers were provided an example of a specific call for proposal and interest by an EU partner. Researchers were then asked to prepare a one page summary to include their research interests and contribution. This summary must be written in an “EU-friendly” way, including project terminologies.

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